Put On Your Walking Boots and Start Walking

099There’s a Countryside Walk Near You

One of the good things about the great British countryside, is that there is some countryside near you. Even if you live in the centre of a large town or city, you are only a short distance from open space. You can probably walk there! But whether you drive or take a bus or train, there is some countryside near you.

It was once the preserve of Sunday afternoon walkers, but with today’s flexible work patterns, any day is a good day for enjoying a walk in the countryside. If you live in London, a short train ride of an hour or less will take you to East Sussex or Buckinghamshire. You can stay closer to home and walk along the Regents Canal from Paddington to Limehouse on the River Thames. Alright, so it is not strictly countryside, but you can experience a quiet haven as you walk through 8 miles of one of the most bustling cities in Europe. Anyway this article is not about the countryside so much as to encourage you to put on your walking boots and get walking.

You Can Walk In Any Weather

It doesn’t even matter what season it is, walking in any weather has a way of energising us. Walking lifts our spirits.It is said that all truly great thoughts are conceived while walking! Walking is also good for our physical health whatever our age. It strengthens our hearts and gets our circulation going. Walking tones up our muscles and leaves us feeling invigorated.

You can walk in any weather but it is still important to wear the correct clothing. Check the forecast. Do you need to carry a sweater in your backpack? perhaps a lightweight waterproof jacket if there is a chance of rain? If you are walking in remoter places like the High Peaks in Derbyshire, the weather can change suddenly. So even though you are only 20 miles from Manchester or Sheffield, be prepared.

Carry a thermos flask and some food just it case it takes longer than you expected. Wear the correct footwear for the terrain. If you are walking on loose stones and steep inclines your walking boots should be more rigid with good ankle support.

Put On Your Walking Boots

If you decide to walk on various terrains on a regular basis, it is worthwhile investing in the right walking gear and accessories. Waterproof jackets, good walking boots, and a backpack to carry emergency supplies and extra clothing. You can buy all this online or at one of the stores that specialise in the great outdoors.

You may think that you are not fit enough to go walking up mountains. So, choose a walk according to your level of fitness and go forward from there. Walking along country lanes on a summer’s day, where you can enjoy the flora and fauna, is a wonderful experience

The important thing is to make a start. Get out of that comfortable armchair and step out to enjoy a new level of fitness for mind and body. Put on your walking boots and get walking!